a tight trinity with an impressive sense of melody and nuance

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New Year Concert

Erasmus Trio
MCO Hilversum
at 15.00

Film Music

Trio Concert
MCO Hilversum
at 15.00

Concert Amsterdam

Erasmus Trio
Industrial Grand Club
at 19.00

Theater concert

Erasmus Trio
C. – Hoofddorp

About us

The Erasmus Trio forms a tight trinity that complement each other beautifully.
Musical mountains and valleys alternated smoothly by strongly tied play and perfectly unisoned phrasing.

The Erasmus Trio is founded by pianist Thomas Herrmann and meanwhile enjoys an international reputation. The public and the press are unanimously praiseful about this special ensemble.
The Trio was invited to the prestigious halls of The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France and South Africa. In 2007 the ensemble was the first Dutch piano trio on tour to China. The Chinese National Television (CCTV) and Beijing Media Group devoted special broadcasts to the Erasmus Trio in September 2007. The ensemble also made several radio and television recordings in The Netherlands and Germany.
Besides well-known works from the classic and the romantic periods the ensemble also has compositions on the repertoire that are specially written for the Erasmus Trio.
In 2001 the first CD of the ensemble was released with works of Schubert and Schnittke. In August 2007 the new CD “Musical Gems” was released with a.o. rarely played works of Glinka and three works specially composed for the Erasmus Trio: a Chinese composition and two Tchaikovsky -adaptations.
Vera Laporeva plays a violin built by Italian violin maker C.A. Testore from 1751. Xiaojia Xu plays an Amsterdam cello from 1720, attributed to P. Rombouts. Her bow is a Parisian A. Lamy from 1900.



  • Vera Laporeva


  • Xiaojia Xu


Members of the Erasmus Trio

Thomas Herrmann
The piano is one of the finest instruments. You can express everything with it. As pianists we are lucky enough to have an incredibly large and diverse repertoire.
Vera Laporeva
As a soloist and violinist of the Erasmus Trio Vera Laporeva gives more than 300 concerts in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Morocco, South Africa and China.
Xiaojia Xu
Xiaojia Xu has a vast repertoire and likes to programme attractive combinations of folk and \”serious\” music, old and contemporary, famous and obscure.